The Ruins of Angkor (SPoC #3)

In November’s port-of-call you’ll find a detailed description of the Angkor region of Kambuja, itself a protectorate of the Rattanakosin Kingdom of Mueang Thai. Home of the Khmer people, this region has seen a long history of turmoil and oppression, all against the backdrop of the incredible ruins of a bygone golden age. Now forces and personalities from across the region and beyond are coming to the ruins… for posterity, for profit, and for power. Not everyone is going to get what they’re after.

The port-of-call includes six game master characters inbound to Angkor with their own idiosyncratic goals, primed to smash together into a pretty mess, just in time for the picaros to arrive on the scene.

The Ruins of Angkor is a flexible port-of-call ready to welcome experienced picaros into its embrace. The action deals with colonialism, self-determination, art, hope, redemption, and dinosaurs.–If you haven’t chimed in on the vote thread for December, we are awaiting your input! The vote thread is here:

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