This website is my one-stop repository and link archive to the various things I’ve created, worked on, midwifed, and contributed to over my creative career. There’s a wide range of things here—my interests wander widely and have never really responded to my frantic attempts to focus on a single personal specialty. They’re roughly categorized and sloppily archived; my attention is always drawn to making more stuff.

My current big project is Keystone Fantasy Roleplaying. Primed for the superlative Cortex Roleplaying Game, Keystone pairs epic fantasy adventures with powerful character-focused drama.

This site hosts the archive of my other tabletop games and play aids. Whether it’s the games I self-published or the handouts and adventures I created for other games, I’ve piled it all here so it’s easy to get to.

I’ve also got a bunch of simple browser-based video games that I’ve built using JavaScript, HTML, and SVG. They’re all free-to-play and good for at least a few minutes of distraction.

I write short fiction as well, and have collected it here. Many of these are sponsored stories, available to the generous folks who’ve backed my Patreon.

Many of my earlier works were published under my old pen name of Josh Roby, but I’m using my own name, now.