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  • Thumbnail for Strangers on a Hill [Uskweirs #5]

    Strangers on a Hill [Uskweirs #5]

    One of my favorite tropes from English pastoral novels is the country walk, when guests at a house pass an afternoon by wandering around the…

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  • Thumbnail for Correspondence, Concoctions, and Coaching [Uskweirs #4]

    Correspondence, Concoctions, and Coaching [Uskweirs #4]

    I wrote the first chapter of this as a sort of creative challenge, but the scene that made me want to keep going and turn…

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  • Thumbnail for Girl Talk [Uskweirs #3]

    Girl Talk [Uskweirs #3]

    This one’s kind of taking off and taking over my brain, so if you’re disinterested in Regency romance trans fiction, uh… sorry? Catch this from…

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  • Thumbnail for The Impossible [Uskweirs #2]

    The Impossible [Uskweirs #2]

    You know how when you write something out to “get it out of your head” so you can “stop thinking about it” and instead your…

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  • Thumbnail for A Fateful House Party [Uskweirs #1]

    A Fateful House Party [Uskweirs #1]

    This bit of writing has been rattling around in my head for months, now, and last weekend I sat down to actually get it down in words so I could stop thinking about it—or at least, that was the hope. Yes, it’s the first chapter of a theoretical novel. No, I have no idea if I’d actually sit down and write it all out. Yes, I have extensive notes.

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