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    The Impossible [URHP]

    You know how when you write something out to “get it out of your head” so you can “stop thinking about it” and instead your…

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    Untitled Regency House Party Snippet

    Miss Amelia Quinn gained access to Uskweirs by supplying a false name.  The attendant at the door dipped his head, murmured, “Of course, sir,” and gestured her within.

    There was a party being held at the manor, but by popular account there was always a party being held at the infamous country estate.  Music flowed out of the open windows into the courtyard, and as she stepped inside, the cacophony of strings and voices and laughter washed over her.  The tide of noise was more than Amelia was entirely comfortable with, but she pressed on.

    The foyer of the venerable manor house was peppered with guests standing in twos and threes, drinks in hand and smiles on their lips.  With so many conversations happening at once, all voices were raised in genial competition to be heard.  Amelia registered few personal details outside of the sweep of skirts and breeches pulled taut across finely-turned legs.  She was on a mission.

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