Keystone Fantasy Roleplaying

This is currently my primary project: a fantasy roleplaying game primed for the superlative Cortex Roleplaying Game. Its flagship is Ascent to Prime, a tutorial campaign set in the epic megadungeon of Tour Toriel. Both players and GM can learn Cortex by playing Cortex.

The Keystone Corebook will follow, along with a number of Toolboxes presenting fun ways to apply the Cortex rules to different corners of a sprawling fantasy RPG.

Keystone is distributed through, and the first adventure is free!

Recent Keystone Fantasy Posts:

  • Emporium of the Speaking Lands
    The idea for Emporium—a big long list of nifty SFX to add to your gear and other cool stuff—has been knocking around my head since the early days of the Cortex Discord.  I’m very happy to say that this useful little beast is now released into the wild! Emporium of the Speaking Lands ֍ Keystone…
  • The Court of the Tyrant at Tour Toriel Released!
    The Court of the Tyrant at Tour Toriel is finally released, out in the wild, and most importantly off my desk! This is the fourth installment of the Ascent to Prime campaign I’ve been developing which teaches new players how to play (and run) Cortex Prime games. It’s really cool, if I do say so…
  • Cortex Prime Cheat Sheets
    These handy little half-sheets are quick and easy references and play aids for the Cortex Prime Roleplaying game. Cortex Cheat Sheets by Miriam Robern
  • Keystone Toolbox: Bestiary
    The Bestiary of the Speaking Lands brings a veritable menagerie of animals and exotic creatures into your Cortex games. 100 SFX make each creature a unique gaming experience.  32 pages of options and mechanics support you in featuring beasts and critters in all manner of roles as well as quickly and easily creating your own creatures. The Bestiary’s page on…
  • Ascent to Prime: Keystone Tutorial Campaign
    Our heroes are out to do the impossible: infiltrate the impregnable fortress of Tour Toriel, climb its endless battlements, and confront its master, the Dread Tyrant.  And while they’re at it, you might as well learn Cortex Prime, right? The Ascent to Prime campaign is a series of five adventures which teach the mechanics of the Cortex Roleplaying Game by…