About Miriam

Oh geez, I hate these blurbs.

I’m Miriam Robern: a white, queer, trans creator.  I’m originally from the United States and presently living in Manitoba (literally a Settler by Canadian immigration standards!).  I make games and stories, mostly, raise our two children with my wife, and clean up after their two very large, very messy dogs.

The stories that most interest me focus on society and culture, even when it’s through the lens of dragon-slaying and galactic exploration.  I love history for its tendency to hide little pockets of the bizarre, and often try to duplicate that sort of scavenger hunt of oddities in my own writing.

My gaming history is long and tortuous, starting at Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Other Strangeness, a too-long idyll in Palladium books, then a good wander through the World of Darkness, and then a gleeful explosion into indie games of every stripe I could get my hands on.  Now in my gaming elder years, I think I’m settling down with Cortex Prime, a game I helped develop, because it does everything I want a game to do.

I wrote a lot under my old pen name, Josh Roby, but am using my own name, now!

As far as social media goes, you can find me on Mastodon.