Samarkand at Crossroads (SPoC #4)

It’s been two months in the making, but it’s finally here: Samarkand at Crossroads, the December 2014 / January 2015 port-of-call. This one’s even got color art!

From the port-of-call:

Welcome to Samarkand

You’ll find in the following pages a description of the ancient city of Samarkand and its all-too-present woes. Long a key trade nexus on the Silk Road, the city has traded hands and rulers many times. Most recently, Russia swept down from the north and seized Samarkand from the Emirate of Bukhara… only to have it reconquered days later. Now with a Russian counterattack looming and the heir to the Samarkand beylik missing, ten- sions are running as high as the city is old.

This port-of-call includes six game master characters enmeshed in the machinations, history, and dreams of Samarkand, ready and willing to pull the picaros into their drama.Samarkand at Crossroads is a delicate port-of-call more vulnerable than most. Its tumultuous political situation is complicated by conflicting layers of identity and loyalty, with the fate of a city hanging in the balance.

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