The Reef of Heaven (SPoC#5)

With this short month coming to a close, it’s time to release this 7000 word port-of-call for Nan Madol, titled The Reef of Heaven.

After some difficult but rewarding research, the writing for this port-of-call came very easily; I hope my excitement for this fascinating corner of the world shows through.

As always, thank you so much for your support of the patreon; I love writing these ports-of-call and I’m pretty sure I only get them out on time is because I know you’re waiting for them. I hope you enjoy the Reef of Heaven.Here’s the blurb:Welcome to Pohnpei IslandIn the following pages, the South Pacific island of Pohnpei awaits you. How it came to be there, what the island really is, and what place it has in the universe, depends on who you ask. An island built on top of an altar, a den of debauchery, or a earthly paradise? What is clear to all is that the quiet war for Pohnpei’s soul is about to explode across the island.

This port-of-call includes six game master characters maneuvering to strike in a deadly game of desire, politics, religion, and profit. They’re all very eager to meet, recruit, and exploit your picaros.The Reef of Heaven is a dangerous port-of-call ready to split at the seams. The island’s veneer of faith, tradition, and propriety is chipping away, revealing the ruthless ambition and deep tyranny that lurks within.

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