MM: Outlining for that Dopamine Hit

I love noodling and doodling and sort of seeing what happens in my creative endeavors, but once I commit to a creative project, I need a plan.  For my writing, that means outlining!  My project Tall Pines Underground has a great outline that’s geared towards making my brain happy as I write it, and I talk a little about it in this week’s video.

As far as my goals for this week go, it’s all about Tall Pines Underground and completing the work that I outlined years upon years ago.  I’ve also got a few edits for Dhuluglar, my Drintera goddex of rain, love, liberation, and flooding.

What do you do for planning out your creative projects?  What have you got planned to make this week?  Drop me a comment and let’s get some declared intentions creative mojo going! 😀

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