MM: Options for Traitorous Brains

Hey, it’s the first day of the work week and it’s also the first full work week of the month, so let’s talk about creating month-long creative priorities that we won’t get bored with before we even get past Valentine’s Day.

This week I’m focusing on Trans Romance (we’re going to Yorkshire!  Exciting!) and Authentic Selves, but I always build in other options in case my brain decides that any given day is not a writing day or a design day.

What are you up to this week and/or this month?  I’d love to hear about your creative goals! 😀

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  1. Diana Probst, Cambridge Artist

    @miriam I'm making a map for an RPG release. This one's going to be a 3D map to give various views, so I've been working in Blender. It'll end up being a video fly-through if I get it right, and if not it'll be a series of stills showing elevation. I've learned so much about the thing I wrote!

    The goal is to finish that and animate it, but I might end up with just the stills, as I still have a lot of trees to go.

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