MM: Dessert and Distractions

I love almost all of what I do, I just don’t always love the specific task I need to do next.  Which is why I make sure I’ve always got a “dessert” work option available.  I can either promise myself I’ll get the dessert after I get through the main course, or, since I am an adult, I can let myself have a little dessert first, charge up those dopamine banks, and then dig into the other work.

This week I’m doing a lot of nitpicky outline review on the Authentic Selves discussion group curriculum, which isn’t very creatively fulfilling, but I’ve got dessert ready: the last four sections of Tall Pines Underground, which I might even finish this week!  I’m so excited!

As far as distractions go, though, there’s Ash’s fabulous novel, now in its second draft (and what little nibbles I’ve had are so, so good!) and Andy Weir’s Lost Sols, a “recovered” chapter of Mark Watney’s log from The Martian.

What’s on your docket for this week?  Do you bribe yourself with “dessert” work tasks?  What distractions give you a good recharge?

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