Diary of a Ceres Rider

Whoops, it looks like when I moved websites I left an orphan behind. Diary of a Ceres Rider is an experimental build of Cortex built for solo play, which uses an elaborate system of Oracles to provide surprising details and prompts for the player.

I first published it a couple years back as a playtest document, intending to develop it further. Other projects reared their heads to consume my bandwidth and licensing questions made me cool on developing this as a full-fledged, flashy game. But whether or not Ceres Rider ever becomes a real boy, I like having stuff available, if only for reference. The Oracles mechanic in here is, I think, really fun.

If you do happen to take a look at this thing, and especially if you kick the tires and playtest it, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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