Ascent to Prime: Keystone Tutorial Campaign

Our heroes are out to do the impossible: infiltrate the impregnable fortress of Tour Toriel, climb its endless battlements, and confront its master, the Dread Tyrant.  And while they’re at it, you might as well learn Cortex Prime, right?

The Ascent to Prime campaign is a series of five adventures which teach the mechanics of the Cortex Roleplaying Game by delving into an epic megadungeon instead of a classroom.

Each of the five adventures can be played in one epic session (4-6 hours) or easily divided into two to four shorter sessions.

Includes rules for character creation using six archetypes (Bard, Cleric, Fighter, Ranger, Rogue, Wizard).

You can grab the adventures separately through the links on the right, or grab them all with the complete bundle.

The bundle collects all five of the Ascent to Prime adventures in one place and allows you to pre-order the adventures which are still in development.  You’ll receive notifications when the fourth and fifth installments go live.

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