The Treasure of Hoth

Back in the Smallville days, I made a handful of con-ready campaign scenarios for Cortex Plus.  These were my go-to scenarios that I could break out with zero prep, and I used them as a system introduction for folks who wanted to see what Cortex Plus could do.

The one that got the most play was The Treasure of Hoth, a Star Wars themed adventure.  It’s a tight little bottle scenario designed to put a lot of pressure on values and relationships: you know, Smallville fare.  Different players went very different directions with these characters, and I got to watch this scenario play out to so many different conclusions that I lost count.  It found a special place in my heart, long after I was no longer on the rah-rah cheer squad for the game.

As it is a truism that the first thing any tabletop community will do with a new game system is ask how it can do Star Wars, I found myself referencing the old Plus-era document a lot.  “Here’s how I did it back in the day, it’s a little different but you can get the gist.”  And eventually I hit the critical threshold where I figured I’d open it back up, dust it off, and update it to Prime.

This is the result.  It’s the same tight little bottle scenario, with six pregen characters: Abel the abandoned Jedi Padawan, Balar Kenobi the scoundrel pilot, Crodarra the wookie gangster, Deela Tarkin the untrained force-sensitive, EX-47 the assassin droid, and Falla Vao the Republic diplomat.  They’ve all stepped into a Sith trap in the subterranean tunnels of the Hoth colony; they just don’t know it yet.

It’s certainly playable, but it’s also just a nice little package of “how you can do Star Wars” and even “how you can do a one-shot scenario.”  Once gaming conventions kick up again, I’m sure to have this ready to go if anybody wants to see how Cortex works.

Let me know what you think!


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