…Second Monday Morning of 2024!

Last week went swimmingly, so let’s see if I can capture the lightning this week with another video saying what I’m gonna do and then do it.

Of course I forgot two other items on my docket for this week: finalizing the edits for Ash Kreider’s fabulous queer witchy poly romance novel and decorating my wife’s office with the bling she got for Christmas (and, cough cough, her birthday back in September).  It’s gonna be a busy week!

The mentioned-in-video Chapter 4: Correspondence, Concoctions, and Coaching, can be read here on Patreon (or in the email sent out to backers), at miriamrobern.com, at ScribbleHub, or at Archive Of Our Own.

As I say in the tag of the video, I’d love to hear what you’re making this week.  Drop a comment and see if the Declared Intentions mojo works for you, too! 😀

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