The Fight at Chichen Itza (SPoC #6)

Welcome to the Yucatan!

In this port-of-call, the ancient Mayan city of Chichen Itza is described as it is found in 1878: a rancho set about the stone ruins, invaded by hot-tempered partisans of an old war. The present-day Mayans want to reclaim the city; the criollo settlers want to keep it driving the local economy. And the starry-eyed American archaeologist insists that the ruins hide something ancient, powerful, and quite possibly dangerous.

This port-of-call includes six game master characters circling around the disposition of some real estate of incredible value–economic, archaeologi- cal, political, and supernatural. The included “coldstart” adventure can bring starting characters directly into the action. Chichen Itza is a powderkeg of a port-of-call where patriotism, pride, scien- tific inquiry, and entitlement threaten to fan the embers of an old war into a conflagration again.

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