Primed… for Murder

Councilwoman Delores “Dee” Seiste—businesswoman, politician, and pillar of the community—lies dead at your feet, murdered at the hands of one of you, her dinner party guests.  Her mansion sits on a private island in Noddasinquol Strait and the ferry isn’t due for another hour.  The police have been alerted by the mansion’s security system and will be on that ferry.  You’ll need to figure out who among you is the murderer before the authorities get here or else you’re all going to jail.

One of the player characters is the murderer, but none of the players know which one—even the player of the murderer.  Much like a certain board game owned by a giant multinational megacorporation very capable of suing me to kingdom come.  Ahem.  

Over the course of the game, you’ll do what you probably expect from a murder mystery game: you’ll uncover secrets and find clues and piece together theories and accusations.  

However, you’ll also be rewarded for giving the other players loads of reasons to suspect your motives.  When everybody is sketchy, anybody might be the murderer.

But in the end, somebody will be revealed as the murderer.  It might be you!  Or you might be the one who figures it out.  It’s all a big surprise.  There’s no prize for being the murderer or uncovering who the murderer is.  This is a roleplaying game; the goal at the end is just the excuse for the journey to get there.

So sit back, relax, find various ways to make yourself look hella suspicious, and enjoy the ride.

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