MM: Unmoored in Time

It does not take long for collapse of routine to destroy one’s sense of time, hence why I am posting this week’s Monday Morning video manually at one in the morning. The clock says this house hasn’t been empty for even twelve hours yet and already I’m contemplating whether I actually need to sleep or just, y’know, do whatever until I lose consciousness.

Don’t worry. I’ve started yawning while typing this up so after I hit Publish I’ll go to bed… where I’ll read stuff on my phone until who knows how late… or early. Because I don’t have to get up in the morning, I don’t have to take kids to school, I don’t have to make sure breakfasts are eaten or lunches are packed. I have nothing on my schedule this week, which means I might do nothing or I might do EVERYTHING.

We shall see.

I assume you all have a little more structure to your weeks, and I’d love to hear what you’re filling them with. Drop a comment about your creative priorities this week!

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  1. Diana Probst, Cambridge Artist

    @miriam I've got another publication to get out of the door. I'm also annoyingly busy at work because I had intended to work overtime then that was a write-off, so we'll see.

    We're at the proof-reading stage currently, and also adding things to the correct folders for a zip bundle.

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