MM: The Most Boring Game Design Writing

Brace for impact, folks, it’s SHOW WEEK here at the Robern household. I’m gonna be running around doing last-minute Drama Mama support stuff (and yes, I’m still solo-parenting till Thursday). Which means I’m not going to have a ton of time for my creative priorities.

However, if I do find a scrap of time, I’ll be dedicating it to, as the title here suggests, The Most Boring Game Design Writing. Section introductions! But they have to be done and—luckily for my work schedule this week—they can be done in bits and pieces. Very, very dull bits and pieces. If I happen to get a big chunk of time (unlikely), I’ll be laying out Xine Two!

It is also the fourth Monday of the month, so I’m releasing the next edited chapter of Tall Pines Underground, which you can find here: Chapter 3: Dirty Hands.

I’m assuming you won’t be nipping out of the house to find bone-white cream foundation before showtime tomorrow like I am, so what are you doing with your week this week? I’d love to hear about it! 😀

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