MM: Horrors and Abominations

I’m still recovering from The Sick but it’s also still Monday Morning and presumably later this week I’ll have the capacity to get some good work done and you’re probably healthy are raring to go, so let’s talk about our creative priorities!

I have completed the first draft of my very long-in-development novel, Tall Pines Underground.  Which means it’s time to wade into the quagmire of editing this 160,000-word monstrosity.  This is a highly detailed and timeline-dependent novel, so there will be a lot of nigglling details to wrangle.  When those details get to be too much, I’ll be drafting Authentic Selves sessions (yes!  it’s finally time to start drafting!!!) and indulging in a little Regency trans romance with New Girl at Uskweirs.

I have already polished up Tall Pines’ chapter one, which you can find here.

What’s on your docket this week?

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