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  • Thumbnail for #procjam Map Generator

    #procjam Map Generator

    For the 2017 Procedural Generation Code Jam, AKA #procjam, I created a Map Generator which creates world maps and then a simplistic global history of…

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  • Thumbnail for FALQSComm


    It starts with one conversation. “I want to make our world a better place,” you say. “And I want your help.” -=- Inspired by Universal…

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  • Thumbnail for Terraform Express

    Terraform Express

    You are a train.  You have robot friends.  You are stuck on a planet that somebody totally destroyed.  You and your robot friends are going…

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  • Thumbnail for Nuke Yourself to Alpha Centauri

    Nuke Yourself to Alpha Centauri

    In 1958, Freeman Dyson theorized that an interstellar starship could be propelled by riding the plasma shockwave of nuclear bombs jettisoned out the back end…

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  • Thumbnail for Efficiency Engine

    Efficiency Engine

    So take your typical German Boardgame, where you use turns and cards to convert currency into victory points, right? Then replace the turns and cards…

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  • Thumbnail for Lavender Marriage

    Lavender Marriage

    This one is near and dear to my heart: it’s a “lighthearted” comedy of manners where everyone has to navigate an impossible set of social…

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  • Thumbnail for The Vicious Crucibles

    The Vicious Crucibles

    These three interlocked print-and-play RPGs were an experiment to see if I could make a modular RPG that you could unbox and start playing immediately.…

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  • Thumbnail for Void Vultures

    Void Vultures

    Dungeoneering in space! With gritty not-space-marines! Fighting improbable and often silly monsters in order to scavenge food and fuel for their communities back home. This…

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  • Thumbnail for Sons of Liberty

    Sons of Liberty

    It’s a card-based roleplaying game where you play madcap clockpunk versions of the Founding Fathers (and Founding Mothers) of the United States of America, fighting…

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  • Thumbnail for Full Light, Full Steam

    Full Light, Full Steam

    My very first published RPG. It’s steampunk Star Trek, more or less, with a very charitable interpretation of Empire. You can see in its adventure…

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