As Souk al-Wardi, Timbuktu (SPoC #1)

Here’s the first Patreon-backed Steampunk Port-of-Call, As Souk al-Wardi!

The globally-renowned destination for all your atlantean artifact acquisition (and offloading) needs, the Pink Market is so named for the rosy hue of orichalcum that fills the lots of this auction. People from all across the world converge here once a year to see what artifacts have been found and what artifacts are now up for sale.

Of course, not everyone supports the free trade of poorly-understood and potentially world-destroying artifacts, especially when the Market’s site is so close to the artifact-grasping Segu Caliphate. And so when the picaros show up, sparks will fly. Will the powder keg light?

This port-of-call details As Souk al-Wardi, the Pink Market, as well as six of the most colorful characters in attendance, their agenda and relationships, and assorted mayhem. It can be used with Renegade Jennys and Boilerplate Jacks, any other roleplaying game, or just your own imagination.

This is my first Creation, so I’m SURE something will go or has gone wrong. Your patience while I inevitably fix things is appreciated.

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